Membership benefits

Benefits of joining IReeN include:

•  Free membership – we currently only charge for attendance at the national meetings

•  Direct access to influencers and decision makers in HMRC and other government bodies

•  Forewarning of future changes and developments in policy and legislation which impacts payroll

•  The opportunity to influence and steer decision makers towards workable and effective solutions for all parties

•  Practical information that will help you plan and deliver the changes and implement things such as auto enrolment and re-enrolment

•  Networking opportunities with fellow payroll, pensions and software professionals

•  Free regular bulletins

•  Access to some of the best minds in the industry if you need support using the air and share

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Communicating with members and our annual user group meetings

Social Media

We have an active LinkedIn group and send regular information bulletins to members via email. The bulletins include information that we’ve gathered, information we’ve been asked to disseminate to members by various government departments and articles that will be of interest to members, links to guidance and other government documentation, as well as issues raised by members.

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Annual meetings

The annual user group meetings are held in the autumn in Edinburgh, Manchester and London; attendance is at a nominal cost and is open to members and non-members. At these events future changes are discussed alongside current issues, which affect payroll and employers.

The majority of the presentations are from HMRC and we often have The Pension Regulator to talk about Auto Enrolment including re-enrolment as well as DWP to talk about Universal Credit.

These meetings give you the opportunity to air your views, give feedback to government bodies and discuss issues affecting everyone in payroll. The feedback we get from the various attendees from HMRC and DWP in particular is that its invaluable as our members tell it how it really is, highlight where processes might fall down and the issues that software providers might have with delivery of the changes.

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